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Axel Re & Randy Rivit: We Rise Above

We have known each other for a little over a month and the bond we share as performers on here and in the real world is quite deep. We always have a six sense about what the other may or may not proceed to do when we perform. The customers that have entered the chatroom have been friendly and great people to get to know. We have yet to not complete a private show where the customer leaves disappointed. The shows performed for example today, I Axel Re massaged Randy Rivit. I myself do not like to use lotion but with this specific kind I did. It does not stay oily for very long and keep my skin feeling baby smooth even my elbows and knees. He enjoyed the massage on top of the customers fulfilling a challenge to see Randy’s buttocks and penis. I definitely made the reel in when I actually made gestures that resembled fondling him. By the end of today, I feel confident that my partner Randy Rivit (not my life partner) and I will rise up and take the top where we can be the guys that do mind-blowing pornographic movements that will make any customer feel they were actually right in the action. -Axel Re, “I bite, but I have papers showing no rabies.”

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