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Chris Masacc: Busy!

It’s been a bust week for me, with many side projects to get done around the house, I haven’t been able to spend as much time online. With most of my projects finally out of the way, I can get back to some online play time!

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Dominic Hart & James Hartman: It's a Holiday of Our Very Own Today!!

Today is a special day for Dominic and I. We’ve started our morning extra early, and already went on a morning walk in our beautiful city, had a yummy breakfast, and stopped for coffee before we headed home….where we’re about to get ext… Continue reading

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Rick Perry: Sunday Sept 20th

Just finished my 1st day of actual camming! I meet so many great guys! I don’t want to list their names cause I know I would forget someone and that would be bad hahaha. For the guys who prvted me THANK YOU and I hope you enjoyed seeing m… Continue reading

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Romeo Pompay: Missing You

Well its Sunday and I just want you all to know I’m tired of still being in the category of a “Greenhorn” that’s one of the categories this site assigns to newer models. It doesn’t offer a model much options like setting up a party or mass emailing… Guys and Gals this is where you CUM in, Please come to my room more and please support me so that I can make it to the next level, I will be broadcasting tonight @ 6 pm CST. Come by and say hello. Have a great day …Keep stroking

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Leo Xavier: Bathhouse (part 2)

I as entered the dark room all I could think of is what if this man is hiding something and clearly knows that this is the only way to hid it. So I went in and quickly moved to a corner of the room. He got annoyed because he couldn’t see … Continue reading

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Don Diesel: 50 $hades of Don:)

aka My diary ,my biography page hmm , and my way to keep fans up to date about my awesome life and fantasies…..ohhhhhh I’m so down , so fantasy one.shade #1It was a hot, humid day and I was working on my car. I happened to look up and saw my neighbor in her tiny bikini walking out to the mail box to get her mail. Actually her swim suit left little to the imagination and the bounce of her breasts was quite perky.On her way back she came over and said that seeing as it was so hot and humid if I would like to cool off in her swimming pool I was welcome. I mentioned that I didn’t have a swim suit and she said “That’s okay, with the high fence around the pool I don’t wear one either most of the time.” With an invitation like that what normal man could resist. I had finished with the car so I put the tools away and went in the house to get the grease off my hands. Then I headed over to her back yard. I went through the gate into the back yard. The pool was quite large with cool refreshing looking water. She was laying on a chaise lounge, her swimsuit was nowhere to be seen. One of the first things I noticed was, no tan lines. Her breasts were not overly large or small, just a perfect pair with quarter size nipples. Further down was a one inch wide patch of perfect pubic hair that just covered her slit. “Come on, take off your clothes, the water is waiting for us.” she said. With that I stripped off all my clothes. When I removed my shorts my cock sprang out in almost full erection.”It sure looks like you need to cool off” she said. Then she got up and dived into the pool. I followed and the coolness of the water almost took my breath away. When I surfaced she was floating near by, her tits jutting above the water and the nipples were hard.I rolled over on my back and she pointed and said “It looks like you have a periscope there.” I looked down and saw my cock sticking up above the water. Instead of shrinking it had become fully erect, all 7 1/2 inches of it lol “I’ll bet you can’t catch me” she said and then took off swimming for the other end of the pool. With several strong strokes I had almost caught her when she suddenly disappeared. The next thing I knew I could feel a hand around my cock. I put my head underwater and there she was with a smile on her face. She then moved closer to me and took my cock in her mouth. The warmth of her mouth and the coolness of the water almost set me off but I managed to not explode yet. She surfaced then and said “lets go up and lay out for a while and dry off.”We climbed out of the pool and spread some cushions and towels on the cement around the pool. She laid down next to me and then started kissing me. Slowly she worked her way down to my chest and then started sucking on my nipples. I had never had anyone do that before and it felt like someone was shooting an electrical charge from my nipples to my balls. After a few minutes of this she continued on south to my navel where she inserted her tongue as far as it would go. By this time her hands were playing with my cock and balls.Next she was at my cock but instead of putting it in her mouth she moved it to one side and started nipping at my scrotum. She then took first one ball in her mouth and sucked it was another feeling that I had never felt before. Most women just manhandle a guy’s balls but this one was sucking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it. Then she took the other one in her mouth. I asked her if she could take both of them but she said they were too large to fit in her mouth at once. Suddenly she switched positions so that her pussy was right in my face. “Eat my pussy” she said and then took the entire length of my cock down her throat. I reached up with both hands and spread the lips of her cunt open. It glistened with moisture and then I put my tongue in her hole. The taste was wonderful, it tasted so fresh and clean. I slid my tongue along her slit until I found her clit, I then sucked it into my mouth as though it were a tiny penis. Her clit was actually over one inch long and had a head on it like a cock.As I was doing this she started to grind her pussy into my face and I knew she was almost ready to cum. I myself was almost ready to cum from her sucking my cock. She suddenly let out a series of moans as she reached her climax. Her throat muscles contracted around my cock and I let loose with one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever shot. There was so much that it ran out of her mouth and down my sac before dropping on the towel I was laying on. When we both recovered she said “Let’s go for a swim and then I want you to fuck me.” We swam for a little while then got back up on the edge of the pool. We laid down on the cushions and towels and started playing around. She played with my cock and balls again as I fingered her slit and pussy. I put my finger up her hole and then took it out and replaced it with my thumb. “Put your cock in me you fucker” she said, “I want to feel it all the way up my pussy until you hit my cervix. Come on, fuck me hard, I want you to fill my womb with all your cum.”I had never had a woman talk to me like this, mostly they just laid there as I slid my cock in and out of them until I shot a load of cum inside them. This was really a first time. My cock slid in and out of her, faster and faster, suddenly I felt the tension in my balls and knew I was going to explode. I shoved my cock as far into her as I could and then let loose with what seem liked a gallon of cum.I laid there with my cock buried inside her until it shrank and finally slipped out. I looked at her cunt and saw a stream of cum trickling down over her ass hole.I got up in amazement of what just happened. I mean come on, I know I’m a web cam model but this was just to awesome. I looked at her . then looked at my limp cock, and said ,”u baby.ill be seeing soon.” ill be working outside more often!i grabbed my jeans, walked home and told the world …..about the girl next store .

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Jordan Heart: Beware of "the Blog"

SO i came back today after about a month or so of vacation and I cant find any of my costumes. So thats why I have my tip counter to earn all my clothes back. What if all my fans, you, just threw me 50 credits each. I would be willing to … Continue reading

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Zack Stone: Looking to Entertain Plus Needing Some Extra Help with Bills

I never thought I would ever do anything such as web cam modeling but my hours at work have been drastically cut and it’s getting nothing but harder to keep my bills caught up and there really isn’t much in the way of jobs around here. So… Continue reading

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Jordan Dunkin: This Site is Totally What I Prefer

Hello, Jorddan here guys, i wanted to let you know i really respect all the fellas that tip, power boost and most definitely hit me on that video chat…. This really turns me on, and as much as I entertain for you Gentlemen, Y’all entert… Continue reading

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Christopher Long: Tough Day

Its been another long day, school since 8am till 4pm then work from 5pm to 10pm. I hardly ever have any time for fun anymore. I wish someone would come along and show me a good time, I fantasize about it all the time. All the dirty things… Continue reading

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