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Chandler Banger: Make a Difference

Have you ever picked on some one? Have you ever seen the look on that person’s face when you just completely crushed their spirit for the day? I believe that everyone has been picked on at one time or another. Some of us grew up being picked on everyday. Some of never knew what it was to have more than one friend, and some may never have had one. For me, I usually had at least one friend. My parents moved the family approximately every two years, not military but I do believe that we must have some gypsy lineage. I always made at least one friend, sometimes two friends, and one time I had three. However, constantly being the new guy made sure that all of those friends were the clique outcasts. The one with the really big ears, or with thyroid issues, or extremely undersized for our age group, anything that made us stand out as abnormal. My malady was that I was taller than average, chronically clumsy, kind of a porker, and my clothes were either too old or too small. We outcasts would band together out of mutual acceptance and the idea of safety in numbers.And we had to watch out for each other, since the bullies… well, most of them were not really bullies, but being shunned for being uncool still hurts the same as being called outside of your name…the bullies were everywhere. Some would even be out right mean and violent towards us; but why? I have heard that people are afraid of unfamiliar things, and fear can lead to malevolent outbursts, but still…why be mean to anyone for no particular reason? Most of you agreed with my very first sentence; so we know what it is to hurt from feeling excluded, from having our buck teeth pointed out, from hearing snickers as we pass, from feeling the wedgie, from the litany of names describing our weight, height, premature balding or graying, glasses, clothes, etc… If you have ever been the butt of a “joke” that made you want to crawl under a rock and die… then watch out it occurring around you. Tell the victim that they are okay as they are, they are special and have worth, and that they are not alone. Treat everyone the way that you wish they would treat you.

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