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Brad Tomlin: If You Won the Lottery, How Would You Spend It?


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Scouser Jay: My "toy Box" Collection (1)….

So far, my toy box consists of:1 x Brent Corrigan Fleshjack Butt Masturbator1 x OhMiBod Freestyle G – Wireless vibrator activated by sound1 x We-Vibe 4 Plus – Wireless vibrator activated using an app or remote3 x Butt Plugs1 x Glass Dildo… Continue reading

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Justin Dreams: Been a While

Hey guy get me on twitter this evening pm me if anyone is in the canal street im heading there tomorrow! I am planing my come back to my fans, I am working on the buldings so get it hard to find time to go online!

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James Peterson: Excited to Get Started

I am super excited to start my journey on flirt4free and to get my fan base going! I am feeling confident that i will satisfy everyone to their highest needs!I am wondering when my first time will be where i can cum for someone on camera … Continue reading

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Sensitivity Daniel: Valentine's Day

This story took place in February, on the eve of Valentine’s Day. I met on the Internet with a guy and made an appointment. I have said many times went “blind dates” on such, but for a long time could not find a guy with whom I would like to meet a second time.My stranger’s name was Daniel, he was older than me by a few years. He invited me to a small restaurant. The guy turned out to be champion, polite and sociable, but he was not my type. We quickly found a common topic of conversation, but I kept thinking that this meeting once again no end. The more we know each other, the more I realized that if we do not become a pair, then it could remain friends.It turned out that this restaurant works ofitseantom friend Daniel Artem. He brought us coffee. Artem immediately attracted my attention. He had a friendly face, expressive eyes, a slim figure. I tried not to show the form that Artem I am more interested than Daniel, because I came to the meeting with him.When each other raskazali we all could tell, conversation gradually began to move about our friends. That’s when I learned that Artem has a boyfriend who lives in a nearby town, they have long together, but, however, has recently begun some discord in their relationship. In any case, I hope for something I did not have. This, perhaps, is my problem: on the non-free men I did not expect, at least do not show any action against them with his hand.Coming out of the restaurant, we Danilo got into a taxi and went home, as living, as it turned out, side by side. I realized that I no longer see Artema.The next day I wrote to Daniel, that most likely we did not work, and I would like to stay duzyami what Daniel agreed, and immediately offered to go to “friendly” go for a walk, eat pizza. He is invited to Artyom, but I offered to take someone from friends. I did not have time because of the tension in the university, and I just had to thank him for the invitation. I asked him to convey my greetings to Artem, if you remember me at the restaurant. Daniel knew immediately that I was not indifferent to his friend, and offered to give me his phone number, so I gave myself hello. I do not fully understand what he wants to achieve this, he agreed and wrote a message to Artem. He quickly responded and offered to meet in the evening and get to know Daniel. I was pleased with this opportunity to meet a great guy, but do not understand how he can learn, when he has a boyfriend.In the evening I went to Danila, where he was and ACTD. I could not hide his embarrassment by such a strange love, but Artem I liked more and bolshe. We watched a movie and drank cocktails. When the time has passed for the morning, I got to go home, because the next day had to be early in the morning to go to university, but Daniel invited me to stay with him and sleep with Artem. I think the three of us have realized that things become serious. I could not for a long time to decide to stay the night at almost unfamiliar guy, but Artem came to me and suggested we go to bed together. It was so unexpected. I suddenly felt a sweet feeling of love and could no longer refuse him.Danil us spread a separate room, and went to sleep. Artem walked into the room, turned off the light and began to undress. I hastened to follow his example. Soon we began to climb in shorts to bed. I felt the warmth of the body Artem. He leaned toward me, and I froze in ecstasy. These feelings seemed to me quite new. I felt the breath of Artyom, his heart beating as he gently hugs me. We approached face to face and began to talk quietly:- You know, you’re cute, but I have a guy in another city, – Artem said.I did not know in fact, I told him pretty or not, but I wanted to believe it was true.- We have about three years together, but lately we still harder to trust each other, I can not believe it and I continue to hope for something, – he continued.- Three years – it is a long time – I was surprised.- Yes, rather big, but probably soon it will all end. I can not promise you anything, and I do not know if you can change something.He approached me closer and kissed her gently on the lips. For a brief moment we froze, looking into each other’s eyes, and then merged in a sweet kiss. I stroked his hair, touched his cheeks and neck. He began to slowly go down, kissing her neck, chest, abdomen. Artem hand caressed my cock and balls getting up, kissed them. From pleasure I arched and pulled him to her. We again began to kiss and fondle each other. I started studying Artem body – an incredibly enjoyable and exciting activity. He had a thin neck, chest grew soft hair. I kissed his nipples and started down below. He tickles the tip of the tongue of his stomach and came close to the briefs, which already stuck out his class member. I lowered his pants and caressed the testicles Artem, which were also covered with soft hairs, took his cock my mouth and began to gently suck his hand caressing the thigh and buttocks.Artem also pulled off my pants and we intertwined bodies, caressing and stroking each other. I felt his penis rubbing against mine, it rests on my crotch, bringing me the most pleasure. I stroked his hand over his soft ass, stuck his hand in the crotch and caressed his burrow.He raised me, took my hand to his penis and began to podrachivat, still kissing me. I wasted no time, began to do the same with his cock. It lasted about three minutes and then I felt a warm jet of sperm Artem began to fall on my stomach and chest. He made sweet moan of pleasure that can not be compared with anything else. I was also hated and became violently finish. My sperm is mixed up with the sperm Artem my stomach. He went down on me and we’ll just lay there for five minutes without moving and coming to his senses. And then wipe the sheet sperm, they hugged and went to bed.I still could not sleep. In my head I flashed the thought Artem, about how we had to gently caress each other and kiss. I pressed closer against him, put his hand on his slender stomach, which rose and fell short of breath, and kissed his neck. Perhaps, in life there is no greater pleasure than to lie like this with a guy who you like crazy, and sniff each other in the eye of a cold winter night under a warm blanket.In the morning I woke up the happiest man in the world in the same bed with Artem! I woke up in the University of Daniel. I barely found his pants and began to dress. Artem woke up, when I was about to leave. I said goodbye to him and ran to school.After spending half a day at the university, he shook the city and came home, but until the evening Artem not called or written messages. From Daniel, I learned that he had gone to her boyfriend …Waking up in the morning the happiest man in the world, I fell asleep at night, probably the most miserable. It was my worst Valentine’s Day …

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Ricky Paredes: Dream Vacation Where Would You Go?

If anyone of you wanted to go on a dream vacation where would you go? Id love to explore the California area! Cities like LA San Fran and long beach!! Id love to go its my dream to go on a cruise as well!!

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Jayson Rockwell: Flirt Phone

Hey guys,I’m online and on the phone now. Willing and eager to take your calls. You can reach my personal extension on the flirt phone: 896-311Hope to hear from you soon and have a happy Super Bowl Weekend! ;)- Jayson

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Leandro Pereira: Craziness but All Good Things!

It’s been so long since I did a show. Lot’s of things going on here. I just got to do a nude photo shoot, which I have never done before. It was exciting to get hard in front of a photographer and watch him get hard as I stroked myself f… Continue reading

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Luke Zane: Sorry About the Group!

Something popped up saying something about webcam security issue it restarted my computer. message me those who were in the group so I can refund or do a deal for the 50 credits 🙂 sorry plus the storm is getting worse so I’m not gonna tr… Continue reading

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