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Lorenzo Valentine: Ramble with Me

Today I decided to write my first entry on a whim. I have no objectives, yet, but ramble tends to be my nature anyway.For those who know me not, I am Lorenzo. Here, I am free. Here, I am able to express my inner most fantasies in the oute… Continue reading

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Mikel Black: And..

There wasn’t really anything I could say. Was he just bullshitting me? Iknow he got off on it, he had to, at least a little bit, but what did henotice about me? He wasn’t wrong, I did feel dirty, but it’s not likethings hadn’t been happen… Continue reading

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Robert Jennings: My Nice Ass and Smile

Yes my nice ass and smile will get you every time let alone don’t look too far into my eyes or they will take you into the wettest dreams you have ever had in your life check me out and I promise you will be completely satisfied Thanks M… Continue reading

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Keith Hardy: First Couple Weeks on Cam

Hey all, just wanted to mention my first couple weeks on web cam. This is something I have always had an interest in doing and finally a good friend pushed me into it! The experiences have been AWESOME so far, and I met some great peopl… Continue reading

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Chris Rowe: What I Love

My english is a little bad , so good luck.First of all , i love the life , very very much , i think to much and that is not a good think i guess. Second think , i love me , not everyday , but.. it’s ok , i try to do the best. In the main … Continue reading

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Blake Tyler: Welcome Guys!

First of all, let me say hi to everyone out there!!As you can see, I’m new to Flirt4Free and probably not the kind of model you will expect to see.I am hairy bear/cub with a bigger physique (AND I LOVE IT!!!)I’m a very down to earth guy, … Continue reading

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Justin Allenn: New Video Uploaded

Hello Guys! how are you? it’s great to have so many fan here! today i’ve earned the badge for 100 people who insert me in our favorites! Thank You!!!For say thank you for that i’ve just uploaded a new video in my new, shiny fanclub!If you… Continue reading

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Werner Fit: Hi, Dude

How are you?Today so wet on the street (I do not like autumn. I love summer. When the warm breeze touches my skin everywhere;)And I can swim without trunks, completely naked …How do you schiatesh? That’s better?)

Visit Werner Fit… Continue reading

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Eric Weiss: I Missed Yesterdays Entry!!

Sorry guys, I had some plumbing issues yesterday that caused me to be offline, everything has been fixed now, so we should be smooth sailing 🙂 Q: What super hero power would you want if you could have any special power?A: I would have to… Continue reading

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Allen Cole: Ac's Advent Calendar Contest!

Details:One winner every night from Dec 1st – Dec 25th. Each night will be a randomly selected prize from the list below, and the lucky top 5 guests with the most nights won at the end of contest win GRAND prizes with little to no limit!R… Continue reading

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