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Zham Five: La Motocicleta

Today treat me on the bike, my friend, the asked me to take him to buy a few cartridges of shooting, as the likes of sport hunting, when I said but I drive, had not, by that I am quite des restless, without doing something, I will be norm… Continue reading

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Connor & Logan: Hot

spectators. today we have a super hot act, we will activate the chat group and all deveran put 120 tips till complete 2000 to offer a show of sex uncontrollably for 30 minutes where there will be penetration oral sex juetes, toys, chains … Continue reading

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Sutton Mercer: A Little About Me!!

I am probably the most friendly guy you will ever meet. I’m here for your viewing pleasure; fun, and a great time. Apart from our fun times in group chats; parties, and private — I love a good conversation with fun and engaging men. I am 20 years old half British half Saudi Arabian. I have always considered myself a “top” never been anally penetrated. Although I am “open” to it if it were to happen. A few quirky questions I answered:My dream place to have sex: In a “Doctors” office setting. My secret fetish: Black buff men with rock hard bodies and long penises. My Favorite Kind of Bottom: Fun; Submissive, and likes dirty talk. If I could describe myself in a paragraph: I’m a young; fun, college guy that likes to adventure and is overly curious. Most say I have an “innocent” face, but, I don’t know. I gym 3x a week.. :)My parties are typically of the “fun” type. I have few rules and only minor ones: Be nice!, be friendly to your other chat room buddies, and make it a good time.

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Beau Andrews: Coming Soon……twitter and More Vids!

Things are just getting started….I will be setting up my Twitter profile soon …and…uploading new strip videos I have made exclusively for you, so you can view privately without anyone watching.(except you and me!)p.s The new vids go… Continue reading

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Mister Chester: Fiery Hot Scene

I invited a friend over the other night, or someone I thought was a friend at least, and the scene was so heavy the next morning I was hyperventilating after a hot shower. The night started off with us smoking cigarettes and drinking some Crown! This was not a friend with benefits! Although part way into the scene he felt it necessary to touch his lips with mine, I proceeded to tell him to back off since I was in a closed relationship (at the time) that didn’t allow that. Now thanks to my boyfriend’s fuck-ups I’m not in a closed relationship. YAY FOR ME! That just means all the sexual fun I want to have with virtually no limits. But anyway, back to the fun night we we’re having. We started pounding shots of crown like crazy and I told him we should play some Kinect Adventures; it was an interactive video game that I have on my Xbox 360 console. That was really a lot of fun! I love getting exercise while having fun gaming. So we played that game for like an hour or two and then chilled out while still downing shots of Crown, chilling out on my patio, and chain smoking cigarettes. Then, I broached my supposed friend with something risque. I started negotiating with him about what kind of position he likes when getting kinky: Top or bottom. He states Top! I then asked him how far he was preparing to go before either one of us called the scene; he stated a safe-word that either one of us could use if we thought it was going too far. I went to my closet and pulled out my set of steel claws and my favorite flogger. When I came out he stated, “WOW! you want me to use those items on you?” I replied yes, handed him the leather bag of steel claws and the flogger, then I proceeded to the kitchen for one more item. It was the necessary component to keep me still in the chair so that my alter-ego would not get free, become violent and cause destruction. Oh believe me! I made him fully aware that I have a sick and primal alter-ego that he should be fully aware of! So after I grabbed the necessary component and returned to the living room he had some more questions for me. What if you start bleeding from these claws? What should I do if you rip out of the duck-tape? Is there any kind of music you’d like me to play in the background. I answered all of his questions and shortly thereafter we began the scene. He started off (as I requested) by taking the turks head end of the flogger and shoving it and forcing it into my pecs (pectoralis major for those of you who are familiar with anatomy). He started off at a quick pace and only continued to increase it from there (continuously shoving the turks head deeper and deeper into the layers of my chest muscles) all the while I’m writhing in pain and agony!

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Gordon L: Good Access to the Shop

Hello my good ** tell today’s story) Just very early at 6 am to shower) clean up breakfast at home) went to the store and saw this cute little dog cocker spaniel American) is a lovely creation honest friends) She ran to me stood two paws … Continue reading

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Ryan Rascal & Scott Ritter: Trip to Tahiti

My ultimate dream travel destination would be to travel down to the South Pacific to the small island of Tahiti. There I would stay with my boyfriend at a hotel on stilts near to an infinity pool, where the sunsets float off the edge of t… Continue reading

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Sam Nichols: My First Day

I had my first show last night, and it was a lot of fun. My visitors were very kind and generous, and, while I was a bit nervous, I ended up really enjoying myself.I’m still learning some of the protocol… For instance, I apologize to anyone who saw me leave so abruptly. I closed my computer and then thought, “That was really rude of me!” So, sorry for that! I intend to have shows fairly regularly. If there’s anything specific anyone would like me to wear or do, send me a message and let me know!-Sam

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Ben Fullbright: Hey Guys Sorry I Havent Been on Here Lately;(

Been extremely busy had some family issues. Sorry for the absence really missed you guys Ill be on tonight around 8:30. Hope your ready for some fun! Going to try to be able to do shower scenes and costumes soon! Feel free to message me i… Continue reading

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Sean Payne: Confessions of a Guy with a Big Cock

My name is sean payne, Iâm 25 and I have a really big phallus. You are about to read about my experience living with a big one.It all started when I was in first year of high school. I was invited to a sleep over with some friends, … Continue reading

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