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Tyler S: School/july 4th

Hey guys, or anyone who reads this. (my loyal fans, you know who you are). I have been going back and forth with work and school and working on this site as well to try to please y’all. School has been good and of course has its ups and d… Continue reading

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Ellis Zane: This Road Feels Right to Me

The road that I’m on feels right to me and I see now that only I must understand it. If I were to look at my life from outer space, the movements I make, the connections I create and the ones I have rid myself of, I would say that it look… Continue reading

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Christian Peirce: Webcamming

you know I got into this because im broke right now, but I really just fucking love to jack off. I love the thought of people loving to look at my cock. More people tell me they wish they could suck me, and dude I wish all of you could su… Continue reading

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Lucas Bryant: Not Enough Time

You know how they say “Not enough time in a day.” Well, ain’t that the truth!! I am loving being on cam and chatting with all of you, it’s all I want to do all day. Unfortunately, I do have another full time job, and we all have to sleep sometime right?! I hope every keeps that in mind when certain things arise. I felt so bad yesterday because I had a planned private show with a fantastic person which I was really excited for, and of course when I got up and was getting ready to get online, I had a call from work telling me I needed to be in early. Go figure! So please forgive us if every now and again something comes up and we have to change plans, we try not to, but there’s just not enough time in a day! Luckily my buddy was understanding and we got to postpone, but I’m sure that it can be frustrating and some people can’t help but to get mad. Remember we love you :] without our awesome fans and customers, this place wouldn’t be. Thank you to all those who forgive us when something doesn’t go our way! Until next time, stay sexy ;]-Lucas

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Robert Smiley: :: Weekend Vacation ::

Hi fellas. I decided to write a blog about my tomorow trip. I will go to take some rest in town near Warsaw. If someone wants to know where I’m going, feel free to ask. 🙂 Btw that will be some nice relex for me.. I will stay at very nice… Continue reading

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Boy Bryan: Give It to Them, I'll Give It to You.

I wanted to thank every single friend I have for being so awesome. I really really need people my life like you.In 2015, many things in my life have changed; my mind, my heart and my body. I change these parts of myself, because I can fin… Continue reading

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Brock Jacobs: Fan Club Special!

It’s time I finally launch this Fan Club. To kick it off with a blast.I’m running a special all day on Saturday 6-27. Anyone who tips ANY amount of credits will get a 30 day Fan Club membership. Yes any credit tip. Currently I do not have… Continue reading

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Anthony Hall: Me

my name is Anthony hall , I love cumin for people I to show ppl me jerking off I love when they watch it makes me so hard that I feels like a rock I love giving ppl what they ask for whatever it is. sometimes its to extreme but ill make i… Continue reading

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Kyle C: My Recent Sexual Lures ;)

Recently I have found myself craving or thinking a lot about taboo things. Not that I have had personal fantasies about my own father but I think father/son role play is hot as hell.I have also started to absolutely LOVE ball-skin. I cann… Continue reading

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Maik D: How Rich

today I want to have a love so rich come and take my cum on my nipples I’m an easygoing guy I love new things every day I’m addicted to shoot my cum in ass and my favorite fetish is diparar in the face and mouth

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