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Wuffles Monroe: Flirtphone ;d Let's Try It!

Mmm such a great time of year. Almost summer everybody and the weather is awesome. Just wanted to say I’m enjoying my time online with you guys so much right now. Never thought I could actually do this and I love it! Hope you all do to, e… Continue reading

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Cody Gray: Blog #8

Hello to my lovely blog readers!I am currently chilling with my cat on this nice little saturday morning. I will be taking this weekend very easily as I am lazy as fuck and I don’t wanna leave the house hehe.Camming: I did a couple show the other day, it was very hot and interesting to see how the straight folks of the site react to a young chap like me talking shit and getting naked. I will be camming tonight for a little bit, things have been getting a little quiet so tonight I intend to get sexier!! As usual, I will show my privates to my privates ;).Costumes and Outfits: Some of you lovely people have suggested clothing that I should wear on cam. With some folk saying “Wear something that better suits your personality!” ..Ok, If I were to wear clothes that suit my personality I would be dressing up as a Nintendo 64 with egg yolk holding my hair in place!I plan on getting sexy outfits (not YMCA style though, although I would definitely dress up as a pirate. Was there a pirate in the Village People? I don’t even know.)I’ll be on cam later around midnight my time, so probably 8-9ish American time? I don’t know.I need some show ideas as at some points on cam I become quiet and bored, gotta think of something to step up the entertainment levels! Maybe y’all could help me out with that tonight!I have started doing my Question of the day section on my fan page as things are getting a little more personal! (Join my fan page for cookies and dick pics!)See you tonight!CG

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Franco J: Traveling with F4f

Lately I have been traveling around with my laptop and having been modeling in various locations. Its kind of voyeuristic to be traveling in all of these locations and preforming in beds that do not belong to me. I try to respect my surro… Continue reading

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Javier Diaz: Traveling

Sorry guys about my disapearing.I was traveling to brasil, to train and learn jiujitsu, my martial art.i really Expect you can understand me. Today or tomorrow will return with all my energy for this website!!!hugs 🙂

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Lance Z: I Got U Baby

good party at the gay parade in Medellin, Colombia ..! Last weekend was the gay parade in Medellin, was an unforgettable experience! I love seeing so many gay people gathered in the same place … It started at 2 pm on Sunday was a day of… Continue reading

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Hunter Hearton: I Have a Blog?

Hey guys!What a wild ride it’s been so far. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d really be cut out for this sort of thing, but I guess the joke’s on me–I’m still having a blast! Thanks to all of you guys, of course. I’ve met some pretty awes… Continue reading

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Steve Connolly: Schedule Coming Soon

Hi everyone :). Going to be making a schedule soon for when i come on. Since i can’t quite make this a full time job yet, im back to doing carpentry work as well. Should be able to see me Monday through Friday after 4:00pm est, could be a… Continue reading

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Shevon Slick: Love It

this is site is simply amazing am an open person always feel good about myself, and to find out that there is a site that allowed me to get payed for something i enjoy doing is remarkable finding this site is one of the best thing ever ha… Continue reading

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Zane Pierce: Entry #1 5/21/15

This is my first blog entry and I wasn’t too sure what to write about so I’m just going to start with the suggestions given to me. I plan on writing one blog post per day from now on so stay tuned and keep your reading eyes sharp. -Tell y… Continue reading

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Jordan Mac: Starting This New Journey!

Hi, am Jordan Mac I live in Ohio. I really enjoy Baseball, basketball, and working out also learning great new ways to eat healthy. Am a college student and decided to make a little extra cash for my new semester coming up. I never been w… Continue reading

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