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Cody Anderson: Ridiculous Sexual Experience #1

So I met this really cute guy at a friend’s concert and ended up going back with him to his place. He was chill, had some piercings, whooshy blond hair, skinnny jeans – he was essentially my ideal man. We fooled around and it was a pretty… Continue reading

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Jhony B: Paul

I was working at this call center for a while. Its a company that sellers Medical supplies. And i had become the best Customer Service/Sales agent from hard work and a talent for smoozing customers. Well after severalyears of loyal service. My bosses decided to give me the CS team. Well i was completely overjoyed as well as the fact that my pay also went up. Things were goin pretty good I would say. After several months of my being supervisor to my team. one of the girls mentioned to me that she would be leaving. I was saddened because she was a great agent. I hated losing her but it was the breaks. My boss said I should start interviewing for replacements. After Only a week. I was bombarded with resumes from potential candidates to work for me. Mostly women. Shame beacuse would have been nice to get a Guy in this department. It would be an distraction from all the estrogen i my office. Shame that the few guys that came to interview were either fat or justugly. I was almost gonna hire this girl that i found the most qualified for the job until he came in. The ptionist said that Paul was here for the interview. That was it. When this Hot guy came into my office. I nearly creamed myself then and there. Paul was fairly short , about 5’6″ or so. Young , about20. dark hair and an endearing disposing and attitude. He didnt have a lot of experience. But looking at him sitting across from me in that green shirt and khaki coloured slacks had me teetering towards his betterattributes. Then He shifted in his seat and spread his legs. I got a quick glance at a bulge in his pants. That was the clincher. I hired him.

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Chad Coxx: Cross Your Fingers!

Today I am going to be trying to buy a house. not just a house, but the hosue that i grew up in. While I really dont hav any interest in settling down here, it really isnt so bad. Plus I have always regretted not buying it when I had the … Continue reading

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Jesse Marvel: Brand New to Your Eyes

A pleasure to start, something well overdue. I am a boylesque performer, writer, sexual educator and give different sorts of therapy. This is the perfect fit for me and I’m excited to see who fits perfect with me.I am an open book and hav… Continue reading

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Jake Washington: First Time on Flirt4free

Today I tried webcamming by myself for the first time on this site! It was fun, lots of nice people, and I feel like I’m starting to figure it out. The rest of my day was pretty droll, I moved to montreal because it was exciting and new, … Continue reading

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Skinny Jimmy: Back Again

Hey to everyone I’m coming back starting tomorrow night sorry for waiting so long i’ve been waiting for a while to figure when it was the right time to come back but i feel now is better than any other time it will take time to get back u… Continue reading

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Mann Gomez: Am I Always Horny?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m always rock hard. I just cannot help it. When I was young, I was always told that it was something little ones go through, but that’s not what I’m told now. People think it’s just wrong to be hard… Continue reading

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Cameron Jakob: Cameron's Vacation

I know I have spoken to some of you about this in my chatroom, but I had such a good time it would be impossible to not write about it as well. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to San Diego, California – and it was blast! I always th… Continue reading

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Jason Brown: Tonight's Chat

Tonight i will be online and I’m looking to have a little bit more fun. I’m want to be able to log on and see that people really want me to be on. lets have fun and get wet tonight guys….. much loveeeeeeeeeee Muahhhhhhhhh

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Maddox Moon: Getting to Know Everyone

Hey everyone. Names Maddox Moon if you haven’t seen me yet or heard of me yet. I’m 20 years old from the state of Pennsylvania. I love having a good time on here with guys my age or older. Guys my age i get along but i also love playing a… Continue reading

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