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Ted Pike: Having a Blast!

A year ago I started doing Cam Shows simply because I was strapped financially. Tonight, I did 5 Cam Shows because it felt good. It’s crazy how things can change in a year.So as I welcome 2015, I also welcome another year of being a Cam M… Continue reading

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Trey Davis: Wow, What a Year!

I’m so excited to start back up my chat room after a long hiatus of about 3 years. I was working my other “normal” job and forgot just how exciting this webcam stuff can be! I’m pleasantly surprised that many of you guys have remembered me from years back. This is my first official blog entry. Yay!Did you guys get anything exciting for Christmas? Did Santa burn his butt coming down the Chimney? LOL!I’d like to give a special shout out to my fan in Texas (you know who I’m talking about!). It’s been great chatting with you lately. Hopefully i’ll be chatting with you again later tonight too.What kind of TV shows do you guys like? Seriously, no seriously – if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad , go watch it NOW. The entire series. It can’t wait. If you’re not in a Private Show with me, then go watch Breaking Bad. It’s the greatest thing I have ever seen on tv. That’s all I have to say about that. Random, but truth.What else can I talk about? Here in Nebraska it’s snowing. And it’s just been He**. I hate the snow. I want to move to Texas, or Arizona. I just want to get out of this crappy weather.Right now I don’t have a set performing schedule, but I’m working on getting that down. Feel free to email me if you’d like to setup a special show.I hope you guys had a great Christmas and don’t forget to have a blast on New Year’s!! Be safe. And – you’d better be kissing someone at midnight!

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Cole Graham: New Year's Resolution

I just got this protein with the intention to bulk up in 2015! I acquire muscle pretty easily and have a fast metabolism so this will certainly help if I can drink this at least every day I work out (5 times a week). I think gaining 5-10 … Continue reading

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Eddy Robbins: I'm Back!

I am excited to announce that I will be back in front of the cam once again!I would like to give everyone a brief update on my life, the last few years have been a wild ride. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the people around me. I’ve … Continue reading

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Mario Rico: Time

It is often hard for me to keep track of time. It seems to pass so fast that by the time I notice that it has passed it can be too late. I seem to forget that time is a constant in my life and that I must learn to respect it. I try to … Continue reading

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Shayne Soprano: New Years.. 2015

Well boys, I’ve come to realization I just LOVE to fucking show off.Even as a straight male, I love using it to my advantage to all of you freaks for muscle and perfection.While I may come off arrogant, well… It is what it is. RIGHT? LOLI have been doing great these past two years since I was away from here but found myself with the luxury of being able to chill out and relax for the time being in my new purchased home, it’s almost unbelievable but it’s all happened so perfect for me.I’ve had many slaves in RT come to my feet, and it’s awesome to see how much power 1 bicep pump can do to a “man”….Anyways, 2015, I will be allowing you guys to DROP TO YOUR KNEES, AND SERVE!Let’s make this a good year, serve me on a daily basis, And we can train that weak mind of yours to fall in love, deeper, and deeper every new day that approaches us, and leaves us behind.Now let me ravage my big cock into your mind through this web space and let the good year roll on now.

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Rick Matthews: Im New!!

So I find myself the newest member of the site. I am a surgical technologist by day and love to come home to feel wanted and sexy. The first thing I usually do is strip down LOL. So I am new but I hope I can meet the expectations of all t… Continue reading

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Jason Lucas: First Entry

Hey everyone, testing out the blog/diary feature here. I’m Jason Lucas. Currently serving overseas with the US Navy. I love my job and love seeing the world.I signed up on this site because I love to please others sexually and want to do … Continue reading

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Blake Fitch: Trips!

Hey guys!How has your March been so far? Have you gotten much done?I am so excited. I am going to be in Chicago later this month! I am going to be there for a whole week. Hopefully meeting some cute guys there too! My roommate Tyler Brody… Continue reading

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Pedro Andreas: Water and Your Body Part 1

What do you have in common with trees and a hamster? Give up? All water need. All living things need water to survive, whether they get it from a fountain, a rain cloud or a small container attached to a cage.Without water, your body woul… Continue reading

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