Alex Brox: Favorite Sex Toys

Dear Diary,Through my amazing fans taking me in private shows and helping me experiment, I have found that my favorite sex toy is the black man cock dildo - it has made me more loose and helped take bigger cock.

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Maximo Smith: The Very First Sexual Experience with a Guy,

my first time with a guy was 21 years old. in the train. He was older than me. We drank, talked a lot. then went into the lobby to smoke, and there he took his big cock told me to take it into his mouth.

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Dustin Hot: I'm Back!

recently i got back into broadcasting after a year break and oh my god! i didn't know how much i've missed this! all you beautiful people making my day brighter, laughing with you and having fun ;) all of this is purely amazing. i wanna say a massive thank you to everyone that joined my room in the last three days and that will join in the future! let's have more fun and radiate positive vimes. love you all.

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Steve South: Sexuality

I think I'm truly breaking through barriers about my sexuality.. I have less and less fear about my exploration as each day passes. I find myself not as pleased during sex with woman.. Mostly because I've been with woman my entire life.. Older woman, younger and of different ethnicity and race. Each encounter served a purpose in my journey into sexual pleasure.. Getting a thrill from being with someone new and different. I find now that I really enjoy the feeling of my ohmybod slightly against my prostate regardless of vibrations or not. I'm transforming into someone new. Someone free and not afraid to be exactly who I am regardless of the discrimination of close minded individuals. Still realizing that discretion could be a very important component to my freedom and happiness. Til next time. oxox

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Jeanne Pierre: Drinking Night

the last weekend was in a bar and saw a beautiful girl almost 40 years I was alone and I was a different approach him esperiencia as it was older than me but I loved it because she had more world.we had a few drinks and ended up at his house all night so fucking so rich were followed four hours I have a lot of energies hehehehe why I invite you to a show of mine are not lost as I am of those who always give you a surprise

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Romeo Italian: Almost a Week!

Ciao guys,it has been almost a week, wow!!!First of all thanks to everyone for the amazing support u showed! It' s amazingly overwhelming and I 'm having so much fun :)Ok, a little bit more about me as you requested: I am from Italy, Venice (one of the most beautiful cities in the world) and recently moved to the US (Norther Cali)... I am 34 years old and, after studying History of Art at the University (of course... italian), now I discover I love also painting and I'm taking lessons (I actually love drawing also naked men ahahah I can show u).Let me know what's your curiosity, I love talking with all of u guys and really interested in knowing what u like of me of course ;)Talk to the next, love you all!Bacio Romeo

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Michael Space: Robbery

I want to tell you a story that happened two weeks ago. we gathered in my house with my friends, drinking, talking, in the morning we were tired and went to sleep. but one girl was awake and waited while I sleep soundly. after all the guests had left, she went to my house and collected all the expensive things. then he went out and left in a taxi, leaving me with nothing. she just stole everything. so be careful, even if you know the person for a long time;)

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Tyler Platinum: Log Entry 3

So I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the details on here but will make it short. I took time off this website recently, because of the disappointing pay from this website. I think I did pretty good for my first week, but 25% commission is extremely horrible.That's not even enough for me to merit continuing or have initiative to work on here and find other outlets. I got less than a hundred from my last paycheck. So I've just been focusing on body building. I'm on an intense workout cycle and I've recently gained 12 lbs of muscle. My body is more built and I'm still continuing to improve my own physique. Financially I struggle pretty badly that makes it hard to get through just a single month, I won't deny that. That's my situation. But my health is in top shape, and that's all I have going for me. So I'm going to maintain and improve that since in the end I only have myself.

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Zae Mac: What I Don't Like

So now im arguing with my dumbass boyfriend. Well not at the moment but still... What started the argument was, we were talking about a guy i started talking to a couple of days ago. He's a bttm just like me. Now me and the guy were suppose to hang out today but he never came through. Anyway, my bf gets home and we talk for a good 2 hours and honestly i cant remember how the conversation came up but his words were, "you and that boy can do yall bottom thing."My first words and thoughts were "what the fuck is a bttm thing?"Can someone please explain to me what the hell that is, cuz im offended. The pure words are just plain ignorance and dumb as fuck.So i then told him that the statement he made made no sense at all and to please shut up. So he, as always continued in his stupidity starting an argument. Now i tried several times to walk away and ignore but he kept at it. So i then being pushed to the edge responded in a negative way. Theme of this is i do not by any means neccessary like ignorant shit. Countless times have i told him to watch what he says and his words are always i can say what the fuck i want cuz im grown. I honestly feel that our relationship will not last because he has no regards for others and has no respect for people. There is no top thing and there is no bttm thing. I am a man just like he is. This label shit has gone way to fucking far. No i do not like sports but that does not make me less of a fucking man. And i dont have to prove my masculinity to nobody because i know who and what i am. A fucking man! and what i do with my friend is no different whether we are playing video games, smoking, watching movies, go to the club, etc... it makes no difference. I am a fucking man and you will respect me as such! but yet he fails to comply by this so instead i chose to show him what a man can do. No with fighting but by other actions. He gone learn to fucking respect me. If not, well, on to the next dick!

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Truvan Hardy: Inappropriate Content/users

Hello fellow members and performers.Two days ago I had an unwelcoming experience with a member that entered my room. Since I am not keen on leaving out names, their user ID is/was ynglover13. This person claimed to be 22 and was asking questions about how young I like someone. I began to be a little concerned, but ran with the idea thinking nothing of it.He then went on to specify that he had "pictures and videos" and that he "loved them hairless." He had asked if I had any younger siblings or younger relatives to which I replied, "yes, I have a daughter that is just over a year old." He then proceeded to take me into a private session and the question he asked absolutely horrified me and frustrated me. His question was, "Have you ever got hard thinking about your daughter?"My next course of action was to not only end the session, but contact support to have this matter taken care of. I was informed that the username of "ynglover13" was a spoof name and did not have any information listed even though they were under a premium account.They have since been banned from the system on the same day, but that doesn't mean this won't happen again by them returning or someone else. If anything like is is noticed in my room, it will be reported ASAP and I ask that if anyone else notices an incident like that, please, PLEASE notify the model to have this taken care of.

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